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Soul Series Productions is Launched!

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Soul Series Productions has officially launched and is open for business! Let me be the first to welcome you to the Soul Series Productions website.


Soul Series Productions is an independent film production company that whose goal is to tell stories that bring communities together. The big problem that we are seeing in media right now is a creation of division - pitting sides against each other and only telling one side of a story.

We feel that it is important to create a dialogue between communities and that change can only come from communication. Whether or not we agree, it's important to understand another perspective. We aim to find stories that begin an open dialogue between communities with passion and heart at it's core. When we find these stories, we help in any way we can to see the project through to completion. This could mean anything from tackling pre-production and production, just one part of the process, or even just sitting down with you for a meeting to help you realize what you can realistically achieve within your budget.


Soul Series was founded by Monica Arsenault in March 2018. Hi, that's me. I'm writing this. I formed this production company when I was trying to make my own project, Nun Habits, which finished production in April.

When I was making Nun Habits, I realized how many people - both working on the project and hearing about it - were affected by the story. People crave stories that are fighting the division created by our political and religious leaders and fueled by our mainstream news sources. I wanted to give other people the opportunity to tell their story and to tell stories that also affect people in this way. So, I created Soul Series

Productions so I could help others make those stories that come from the heart and soul (yes, cheesy, I know) come to life and connect people instead of continue to create division.

Shortly after, my friend Kara Grace Miller asked me to help her produce her web series Cheer Up, Charlie! I teamed up with Kara, L2G Productions, and director Carmen LoBue to create this incredible story touching on mental illness, cancer, and so much more.

We filmed six 10-minute episodes with the most diverse cast I've ever worked with over 11 days in August. We had an all female crew which completely shifted the overall energy on set to be supportive and hard working. Essentially, I was seeing my dream for Soul Series come to life in front of me. I'm really excited to see what comes next.


A still from the rough cut of Nun Habits Series

Right now, Soul Series is gearing up for some pretty exciting things as we finish up post and begin tackling distribution for Nun Habits while moving into post for Cheer Up, Charlie!

(left, a still from the Nun Habits Pilot rough cut.)

Please stay tuned for updates, but, in the meantime, we want to hear your story and help you tell it. If you want to talk to us, email us at

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